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Having attended an interesting workshop at the Perfect Information Conference on "Social Software – Social Networking in the Business World" presented by the extremely articulate and charming Tim Skinner and Ben Walton of Cisco (hereinafter called the Cisco Kids!), followed by an excellent half day session on Web 2.0 by IFEG (the Information for Energy Group) with incredibly informative speakers and then using this new found knowledge to participate in a panel on "Web 2.0 – The Yellow Brick Road or Fools Gold" – at the BIALL Conference, it seemed time to emerge from the shadows and implement some of the different Web 2.0 technologies here at Sue Hill Recruitment.

We are all having fun making tag clouds with our own marketing literature and there is no doubt you will be seeing more of this as we try it on your CVs and Job Descriptions. It certainly focuses the mind on trying to achieve the aim of saying what you want to say!

We are delighted to add to our Web 2.0 wardrobe today with our new blog. Our aim for this is to be a place where you dip in and dip out and catch up on burning issues in the information world, news, stuff we want to share and occasionally just things the team want to get off their chest. We hope you will participate and add your comments when you feel the urge and that a lively forum will be the result.

Sue Hill

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