Vicky’s top CV tips

In the second of our careers advice videos Vicky talks us through how to write a great CV. The transcript is below.

Your CV is your document to showcase your experience. It shows the person reading it that you’re right for the job.

Employer’s look at so many CVs every day you need to make sure that yours stands out.

Here are 3 top tips for a winning CV.

No. 1 – Layout.

You want your CV to be concise and easy on the eye, something people want to read. Have clear headings for the different sections and use bullet points to expand on your achievements. Try to avoid block text.

No. 2 – Keep it relevant.

Your CV should be two pages long, so try to use your space wisely. You don’t need to mention personal details such as age, weight, height or the name of your cat.

No. 3 – Demonstrate your skills.

Avoid using cliches such as “works well within a team and also individually”, instead think of examples to support the skills you are demonstrating, and remember to tailor these for the for the job you are applying for.


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