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It’s that time of year again, amidst the cold and rain and the deepest depths of winter, less than two weeks after the official ‘most depressing day of the year’. This is the time we need classic puns like ‘let’s get quizzical’, ‘Tequila Mockingbird’ and my own personal favourite (although don’t read into this) ‘I quizzed a girl and I liked it’.

So what better place to find yourself last Wednesday night than the basement bar at Forge Bar by Bank for this year’s SLA Winter Warmer Quiz. This was the first SLA quiz at this new location, and a smashing one it was too, with atmosphere and decent grub to match. Tony of Ask Tony (ten points if you know his real name) was on fine form and kept the gags coming, ably assisted by an occasionally dodgy microphone which added its own comedy touches from time to time too.

At this point I should probably spend a paragraph extolling the virtues of the SLA quiz and the networking opportunities it offers, but you know what, anyone who comes knows how good it is, and for all the rest of you, come and find out for yourselves.

Instead I’m going to tell you al about how well we did. This year TFPL and Sue Hill Recruitment put in a joint team which we thought stood a pretty good chance. We opted for a new team name, the Quizzly Bears (believe it or not one of two Quizzly Bear teams this year), and I am proud to say that we launched immediately into the lead (well almost). However the competition was tough and after about four rounds of holding our own and fooling ourselves that maybe this year could be our year, we sank suddenly and heavily into the relegation zone. Now in familiar territory we accepted our lot and instead took great pleasure in applauding (everyone loves a good clap) the winners, ‘Mind your Ps & Qs’, narrowly beating last year’s winners ‘Dewey and the Decimals’.

Now in hindsight you always think, ‘you know I thought that was a clip of Brokeback Mountain’, or ‘if only I’d said Lithuania instead of Latvia’, or ‘perhaps I should have become a librarian and then I might actually know stuff’, but the end of the day it was a terrific night, and I will be booking my ticket for next year for sure.

Thanks SLA, thanks Ask Tony, thanks Forge Bar, and thanks to the wooden spoon winners, there’s no shame in losing the SLA quiz, I should know, I’ve done it enough times.


Jeremy Clarke –

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