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The Winner of our Christmas Quiz is….

Happy New Year to you all.

We are delighted to announce that Alexandra Milne at the Wellcome Trust is the lucky winner of our Christmas Quiz. So huge congratulations to Alexandra who will be receiving a bottle of bubbly from us very shortly!

She was the first name pulled out of the hat from everyone who answered all the questions correctly. There were quite a few of you who were stumped by Question 18, which was a teency bit of a trick one, just to keep you on your toes!

many thanks to everyone who entered – we had great fun going through your answers.

Below are the answers if you want to check them against your entry!

Enter our 2017 Christmas Quiz to Win a Bottle of Bubbly!

happy Christmas!

To get you in the mood as we (hopefully) start the wind down to Christmas, have a go at answering our 20 questions correctly to enter our prize  Christmas Quiz.

Good luck!

1.   Balsam, Douglas, Fraser and Noble are all types of what?

2.   Which song repeats the catchy lyrics, ‘pa rum pum pum’?

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