Introducing – 95 Aldwych

Our new address looks rather good we think.
We think our new address looks rather good.

September is traditionally the start of the academic year – and despite having been out of full time education for more years than I care to admit, I still think of it as a time to buy stationery, crack out a new notebook and pen and head to the library.

This year, I’ve got that urge even more than usual as SHR, TFPL and ILX Recruitment have left Borough Towers behind and moved into 95 Aldwych, just over the road from my alma mater King’s College, London. In fact, I very nearly went into the university instead of work this morning. If I remember rightly it was metaphysics at 10am on a Monday (though the timetable may have changed).

Fortunately I recollected myself and joined the rest of the team in time to claim my desk. We’re all looking forward to getting out to visit our candidates and clients here and getting to know the area a bit better – do feel free to share any local recommendations with us!

We’re hoping to be able to invite you all over for a ‘housewarming’ at some point soon – but for the moment we’re still busy assembling furniture and rediscovering things in boxes.

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