Knowledge & Information Management Salary Survey 2017


Chris Jones salary survey, Knowledge & information management

I am delighted to introduce the third annual TFPL and Sue Hill Knowledge & Information Management Salary Survey.

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the preceding publications. Both Hiring Managers and Human Resource teams have used the guides to benchmark their compensation competitiveness within the industry, whilst for candidates coming on to the job market it gives them a better insight into what remuneration they can expect. However, there is always room for improvement and I believe with this year’s survey we’ve delivered it. Aside from a redesign in the survey question format, we’ve partnered with the IRMS to gain a wider response and insight into the information world. This is particularly timely given that GDPR is looming ever larger on every company’s horizon. The role of Data Protection & Privacy Expert has never been discussed at such length by so many people before.

At the time of the last publication, Brexit had just been voted for. Its effects on employment within the industry have been varied. Whilst we haven’t seen the wide-scale meltdown as predicted pre-Brexit by some, there has been some impact on our largest multinational clients with time to hire extending and additional sign offs being sought. Unless we see an incredible upset at the General Election, it looks very much like we are exiting the Single Market and turning the tap off to straightforward access to European talent. If this happens without big changes to the current sponsorship system, there will be major impacts on the hiring plans for some in the industry, especially those who hire large numbers of researchers. It will be interesting to see how this loss of access to a huge talent pool (and therefore increasing skill shortages) will affect salaries over the coming years.

I hope that you find this guide insightful, I look forward to receiving your feedback. On behalf of TFPL and Sue Hill, I would like to thank the IRMS and their members for working in partnership with us and of course to everyone who has taken the time to input into this year’s salary survey.


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