Out with the old, in with the new, or How to find a job…


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For some 2017 has been a stellar year, a year to be proud of. For others 2017 has been a year to forget. Wherever you fall on this continuum is irrelevant for what happens next, because a new year means new challenges and new possibilities. For all of us the focus should be 2017, a new year. What will that mean for you?

If 2018 means a new job then start things off on the right track. Begin early, don’t prevaricate, don’t find yourself with an hour to go before the deadline for your dream job and a CV which you haven’t looked at in years.

Here’s my advice:


What have you done? What skills do you have? Why are you looking for a change?


Once you know where you’ve been and why you’re looking, you can work out what you are aiming for.


Once your direction is set and course laid out, you can engage (sorry I couldn’t resist a Star Trek homage when I saw one). What must you do to get where you want to go? What skills, experience and qualifications are you lacking? What connections do you need to make or, perhaps, refresh through some active networking? Also consider the nuts and bolts: how regularly does the type of job you want come up? Where are the jobs advertised? How and when will you carve out the time to look for them?


This part is specific to you: do you need a new qualification, to join a group, to engage with your network, to update your CV? Whatever your planning told you to do next, work out when and how this can be done. Allot time for it. Book courses or events, and manage the process effectively.

All that is left is to start. Embrace the process, be positive, be rigorous, but most importantly be true to yourself and your aspirations.

Good luck!