BIALL Autumn Social Evening

The bright lights of the City of London, commuter hour on a busy street with cars sweeping by, a tucked-away downstairs bar, familiar figures dotted around the jovial crowd. This was the scene that TFPL’s Lee Seymour and myself were met with last week when we burst through the doors of the BIALL Autumn Social Evening. What better way to spend a Friday night that hanging out with a bunch of law librarians living it up in Finch’s Bar by Finsbury Square.

The beer flowed (in professional moderation of course), the food was wheeled out and snapped up fast, and the conversation meandered pleasantly between old friends and new ones. “Have you tried the quesadillas?”, “congratulations on your new job”,  “how did you break your leg?”, “oh so you’re the BIALL president”, “yes we still hire graduate trainees in the library”, “now this is how big a canapé burger should be”.

A BIALL event is always a good event, primarily because it always attracts a good crowd and generates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Last Friday was no exception as talk of business flowed into pleasure and the food trays were merrily emptied.

Thank you to the BIALL organisers, we’ll see you again next time.

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