Awkward Interviews

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a bad interview? Or have you ever made a hiring mistake from not getting the most out of your interviews with potential candidates?

This was the motivation behind our latest TFPL and Sue Hill Connect-ed workshop on Effective interviewing skills. The workshop was delivered by one of TFPL Training’s professional trainers, Janice Hennessy. Janice gave us a wonderful insight into some of the important things to consider when interviewing, reminding us that interviews are a two way street and that interviewers should never skimp on preparing beforehand. The best way to prepare beforehand is to make sure you have read the candidate’s CV, have thought about what you want to get from the interview and are familiar with the job specification the candidates have so you can tell them what they want to know about the role.

Some of the tips of the evening included the essentials of conducting a good interview included:
– Being welcoming and friendly to put the candidate at ease.
– Think about your tone of voice and body language, a conversation is made up of 55% body language, 35% tone and words is just 10% so bare this in mind.
– Prepare your questions beforehand, but don’t stick to a script
– Ask clear, open questions in order to give the candidate the opportunity to speak
– Ask How, what and why in order to really understand a candidates motivation and skills
– And most importantly, listen. The candidate to interviewer speaking ratio should be 80:20.
As the wine and conversation flowed it was great to hear everyone sharing their interview tips – (including this from Suzanne Wheatley, SHR Manager – “as an employer you need to impress the candidate as much as they impress you”) and interview woes – including one tale of being interviewed in a stationery cupboard (something definitely to be avoided!)

We were tweeting throughout the evening so please check out #awkwardinterviews and do share some of your interview stories or advice with us.

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