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A big thank you to everyone who helped make Sue's party special last week. She will be greatly missed here at Borough Towers of course, but we had to let her out into the world sometime!

Of course, we couldn't let her go without picking her brains one last time – so here are some words from the wise we'd like to share with you all. 

Sue_chris_suzanneSue, without giving away any state secrets… how long have you worked in the KIM recruitment world?

I have worked as a recruiter since 1986.

How did you get into recruitment and why KIM?

Process of elimination.  I wanted a job that involved people contact, responsibility and that harnessed all of my skills and experience.  KIM didn’t exist when I started in 1986, libraries was the area in which I began my recruitment career.  At that time there were few if any niche agencies.

What was it about KIM that appealed to stay in it for such a long time?

The world of libraries, which even back then much bigger than ‘the man in the street’ envisage was always interesting.  Along the way to the current highly sophisticated information and knowledge world it has metamorphosed constantly, taking on a myriad of new technologies, expanding into new environments and has constantly stayed interesting.

How has the industry changed?

The Recruitment industry has also changed as technology has developed and in many ways it is far less appealing than it was because of red-tape and process systems.  For those not fortunate enough to work for the more enlightened recruitment businesses the fun has gone out of the game.

How has that affected your business –i.e. recruitment?

In the way that we all thought computers would be the end of paper the use of IT in recruitment has slowed process down dramatically.  Yes they can be more sophisticated but the joyfulness of serendipity has faded into the background.

What are the challenges that lie ahead for the industry?

The challenges for KIM are the constant struggle not to be seen as a cost centre but as a key driver for effective business, the failure to attract and train bright and articulate graduates to grow through the ranks and the mystery in which KIM is still shrouded.

How will that affect recruitment?

Finding the best people is not easy even with the advent of Linked-In and a proliferation of jobs boards.  Clients who are hiring often fail to recognise that it is vital to select a knowledgeable recruiter who knows the KIM field.  When a hire fails they don’t ask the right questions.

What have been your favourite moments over the years?

Where do I start.  Almost thirty years in recruitment with never a dull moment.  I’ve loved seeing people that I met at the outset of their careers (candidates or internal team members) growing up through the ranks and going on to greater things. 

I’ve loved the chance to share my knowledge and have travelled around the UK and throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand  speaking at conferences and seminars and meeting some of the most interesting people you could imagine.

What does the future hold for Sue Hill? Party

Sue Hill the person has recently reached that famous Beatles age I'm taking the opportunity to slip off into the happy land of retirement. In January 1998 I set up Sue Hill Recruitment with the aim of offering the best service possible to clients and candidates; to grow and encourage team members, create a happy and successful work environment and also, of course, to make a profit but not at the expense of any of the preceding points. I am very proud to have achieved this and to have built a dedicated and professional team who are carrying on in the same vein.

Along the way I dealt not just with the most recent recession but also had a tangle with bowel cancer. All through my career in information related work I have made every effort to give of my time, knowledge and counsel to those I encountered along the way.  I've seen people start out and have been delighted to have a hand in helping them progress. I've networked myself to a standstill and spoken endlessly at conferences for the benefit of others. Thus I can retire happily in the knowledge that my work is done and now it is time to concentrate on me.

Sue Hill Recruitment will continue its philosophy under the auspices of the new owners Progility plc and to offer create recruitment solutions to the many current and future KIM workers around the world.

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