Why are law firms reluctant to adopt web 2.0 technologies?

Interesting post from the Running Librarian James Mullan on Web 2.0 Resistance in Law Firms. The Am Law Tech 2008 survey shows that relatively few law firms have deployed Web 2.0 tools and James's post considers the reasons why this might be. The comments particularly suggest that this is due to cultural barriers within law firms rather than problems with the technologies themselves…

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  •  :  Is it just because they have not figured out a good charging model for it yet. "Want to ask a question or post a comment? Please enter your credit card details below."
  •  :  Fiona thanks for the mention on your blog! I need to resubscribe to your feed as I only came across your post quite by chance. I actually followed this post up with another which looked at how these types of technologies could be implement using a "three e strategy" The comments on my original post are also well worth reading with a lot of discusson around this issue. My feeling is that it boils down to (1) Issues with technology (2) Cultural issues and finally (3) Time. What do you think at Sue Hill?
  •  :  I agree James, I think it's a combination of those factors. I remember from my time in law firms that the pace of change was very slow and it was difficult to interest fee earners in anything that wasn't directly related to fee earning (or indeed charging, John). I thought the point about the need to set user expectations for new technologies was a good one in the "three e-strategy" post. I imagine users are much more likely to take something up if they know exactly what's it's for and what it's going to do for them. I also think this is key and sometimes overlooked - "Finally the new technology should be essential, so don't just implement micro-blogging behind the firewall because it "is cool" "

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