Who wants to be a knowledge gardener or k-warrior?

Flicking through this week's CILIP Gazette at lunchtime, I noticed a little article entitled "How do we define ourselves:discuss", debating what information professionals should call themselves and whether it's important. Knowledge gardener, k-guardian, k-provider and the alarming-sounding k-warrior (is a Lycra-suit essential to this role?) are apparently all real job titles.

However, no one knows outside the profession what these job titles mean and it seems that when asked what a knowledge gardener actually is most people would revert to using 'librarian' as part of the explanation as there is on some level a generic understanding of what librarian means.

Do job titles matter? Is it our issue as a profession or is it an issue for our users, employers and the media? Perhaps the way we explain what we do is more important than what we call ourselves? That said, I'm off to ask Sue if she'd consider changing my job title to Information Warrioress…

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  •  :  What interesting job titles! I must confess I thought of Alan Titchmarsh and then Xena Warrior Princess when I saw the blog title. My feeling is that job titles don't matter. Are people embarrassed by the popular media portrayal of "The Librarian"? If so I think we should stand up for ourselves and say "I am a Librarian". Be proud! If any readers haven't already seen The Hollywood Librarian, watch it. The pride with which the participants say "I'm a Librarian" is heartwarming and empowering. I'm a Recruitment Consultant. There can be a negative image of my "kind" as well but it doesn't stop me from telling people what I do. If anything it gives me an opportunity to correct that negative image. Maybe a new job title for me could be "Job Gardener". I'm off to talk to my plants, sorry, candidates...
  •  :  But when you tell people you're a recruitment consultant do they peer at you for a moment and then say "but you don't look like a recruitment consultant"?!
  •  :  Not quite. But when I tell them my niche area of recruitment they say "who needs Librarians?" And off I go... it's quite difficult to stop me when I start telling people about the world of Libraries, Information, Knowledge, Records, Archives and Vendors! I've got a pretty good success rate with these conversations.

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