Where’s Stephen Fry when you need him?

We really needed Stephen Fry or one of his QI Elves to plug the pretty large gaps in our knowledge. However I am strangely pleased that I scored only 1 point in the TV Themes round of last night's SLA Winter Warmer Quiz. The annual event run by the fabulous "Tony" of AskTony Quiz Nights saw two Sue Hill Recruitment teams (The Sue Hill Billies and Cute 2 Recruit) battle against 14 other teams of information professionals. As is now traditional, the Sue Hill Billies fought valiantly to the end and came in last. We're very proud that Cute 2 Recruit (comprising the newest SHR team members and a colleague from The British Library) landed further up the table in a very respectable 6th place.

It's always a great night out, a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues and to stave off the January Blues (of which there are many this year!). My favourite round was "Next Lines" where you had to guess the next line of a song. There was much giggling and humming, culminating in a sing along of songs such as "When I'm 64", "Valerie" and "Let's Go Fly a Kite".

All together now. Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height…

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  •  :  Likewise had a fabulous evening at the Winter Warmer Quiz - Im proud to say that 'Conan the Librarian' came in a very respectable 5th place - that elusive 'European spot'!! It seems that every time I go along to these Quizzes I leave, cursing myself for not paying extra attention to News at 10, or reading the paper back to front! Although the last time I checked neither of those media sources tell you the ingredients of a 'Kir Royale' cocktail!!
  •  :  So much for my swotting on world events, including the inauguration, when there was just one Obama question. At least we did know his wife and daughters names! Can I have an retrospective extra point please for knowing that the fumbled oath was apparently down to Chief Justice John Roberts fluffing his lines and Mr Obama following suit (I'd repeat as instructed if I was being watched by millions) so the new President was sworn in again today? Team Paradiso (3 CILIP staffers and 3 CILIP Trustees) improved as the night went on .... well "the only way was up" (I'm thinking lyrics round) from last place, and we didn't totally disgrace ourselves. I'm also strangely happy that we didn't too well in the TV themes round, after all when were any of us going to hear a CBeebies theme tune? It was a lovely way to spend a mid-week evening: great atmosphere, good-humoured banter and energetic enthusiasm from everyone participating. Pizza's were good too.
  •  :  It was my first time at the SLA quiz so I was a little nervous at being the newbie but thankfully, the quiz played to my strengths (daytime TV theme tunes and random lyrics, not vodka cocktails!). I was worried the AUKML team wouldn't live up to last year's third place, but Gav stepped up to the plate and provided strong leadership when it mattered, and No News - Good News triumphed by one point! Sorry Oliver Postgate. I had a wonderful night (and would have done even if we'd lost!), can't wait for next year.

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