What’s going to make 2014 a successful year for you?

Since 2nd January I have failed to keep my inbox down to a manageable amount of emails and the scroll bar is back. Success would be no scroll bar. But the explosion of emails is a result of a handsome number of new legal information roles we’re working on. I’d say that’s a successful start to the year.

Like many of you, I’ve used the dark January nights to plan a couple of holidays. That’s a success. It also gives rise to that other essential goal of saving money, so I’m making my own lunches. Success.

We are now part of a bigger family here at SHR with TFPL now living here in Borough House. Our new colleagues have settled in, found their way around the kitchen (good cups of tea) but crucially we are working together, sharing ideas and supporting each other. Success.

The diary is also filling up with plenty of concerts in which I’ll be playing my oboe. The success here will come on gig day, nailing the notes and not succumbing to nerves. But what comes first is hard work. Lots of practice, building up the technical skill and lip stamina.

And that’s what links all success, isn’t it? Good, honest, hard work. You only get out what you put in. It’s easy to coast along and rely on others to make decisions. That doesn’t sound like a winning way to me. Aligning your goals with your workload and diary needs good planning skills, a sense of realism and a healthy dose of enthusiasm. Then you can work towards success.

2014 is going to be a success. Personally and professionally. For a start, it doesn’t have the number 13 in it!

How’s yours shaping up? How do you measure success?

– Suzanne

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