What are you reading?

It's World Book Day! (
We pride ourselves on being a reasonably well read lot here at Sue Hill Towers. 
Sue regularly peruses the book exchange in Southwark Street, we frequently swap books amongst each other and so, on this auspicious day, the question to my fellow recruitment specialists was – “What are you reading?” 

Here is our answer –

Jeremy is reading “Attention all Shipping” a journey around the locations made famous on the BBC 4 weather broadcast.  Niche.

Alex is enjoying her first George Orwell novel “A Clergyman’s Daughter” – apparently one of his experimental novels which he asked not to be reprinted after his death – a request ignored. 

Gemma is romping her way through the third in a trio of Chinese historical fiction– “Three Kingdoms” which is so ancient it is only attributed rather than authored by Luo Guanzhong.  One of the characters has just had poison scraped off his bone without anaesthetic – ouch! 

“Inherit the Truth” by Anita Lasker-Wallfisch is Suzanne’s current read. At Auschwitz, Anita escaped annihilation through her talents as a cellist and went on to become a founder member of the English Chamber Orchestra. The power of music.  

I was drawn to the “Just in” section of Dulwich library because I like a virgin date stamp label; that’s why my choice is Sebastian Faulk’s “A Possible Life”.  I found myself talking about the story at the bus stop last weekend – I love it when a book means so much you have to talk about it.

So what are you reading? 

Nb our books were in traditional print form.  Mine was the only one borrowed from a library…


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  •  :  I am reading, 'Unreliable sources - How the 20th century was reported'. John Simpson A great read on the impact and influence of the press on world events over the last 100 or so years, ranging from the Boer War right up until the Balkan Wars
  •  :  I was reading "The ninth life of Louis Drax" by Liz Jensen. Interesting so far. Bucking the SHR trend by reading it on a Kindle.

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