“What an exciting world we work in…”

… opined one of our breakfast networkers this week, “It’s a fantastic industry; so much happening; dynamic; never boring”.
  A good start to get the discussion going in the latest SHR networking breakfast at Roast restaurant. 

As we hungrily devoured Full Boroughs, Tatty Scones, Eggs Royale and Granuesli, accompanied by endless cups of coffee, conversation flowed freely.  This week our breakfasters represented the most diverse group of sectors we’ve seen yet, and even boasted two guests with MBEs.  We examined risk and how it is now a key component of what we do – whether we are in a local authority, a university, a bank or a law firm and whether we are undertaking research, managing archives and records or running a library.   

Despair rose to the fore briefly as we considered the lack of strong communications skills in some of our colleagues but on a positive note we’d all recently encountered smart, focussed and ambitious newcomers making their mark.  It was generally agreed that numeracy is a rare skill not just in people new to the world of work but others who gaily dish out erroneous numeric information.  The concern was with those who assumed their numbers were right and never checked or couldn't see the obvious.  That day I spotted in The Times a statement that ‘turnover had doubled year on year in the first nine months of 2013’.  I am still trying to figure it out.

The consensus both at the table and in follow-up emails was reaffirmation that it was good to talk. Regardless of our role or sector we share common issues and concerns, and the discussion was thought-provoking for all.

– Sue

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