UKSG 2014: a flying visit to Harrogate


Farrah's Original Harrogate Toffee: not a UKSG2014 sponsor

Is there an economic indicator based on the variety of freebies at trade fairs? Some minor statistical subset of the National Accounts that analyses the manufacture, distribution and consumption of promotional gifts and relates it to economic well-being and the feelgood factor? Judging by the range of goodies on offer at last week’s UKSG Conference and Exhibition in Harrogate, business must be booming. Apart from perennially useful pens, sweets and specs cloths, I came away with two books (one fairly lightweight, one hardcore academic), a pack of fancy playing cards, a light-up yoyo and a stuffed turtle (of the plush, rather than the endangered species variety). 

Leaving aside my colleagues’ excitement on my return to Sue Hill Towers with a yoyo, I was only sorry I could be in Harrogate for just the first of the three days of the conference. It is a great opportunity to meet old and new friends and clients, and in particular this year to spread the good news about what's happening with Sue Hill Recruitment and TFPL with as many people as possible.

There is such an interesting range of multinational exhibitors, speakers and delegates to meet, hear and talk to at this milestone event for professional and academic publishers, content providers and their HE customers, that it’s hard to pin down anything to single out for particular comment.

If you weren’t there, UKSG 2014 on Youtube will give you access to all the plenary session speakers and the lightning talks, while the presentations from breakout sessions are on Slideshare. You can find numerous commentaries on the conference on the official UKSGLive blog. Check out other professional LIS blogs for more  – Ernesto Priego’s for instance gives figures on the #UKSGLIVE backchannel, as well as an overview of his own plenary session on The Impacts of Impact.

Thanks to UKSG once again for another excellent conference – a real model for the rest of the profession. Given my short time in Harrogate, my marathon meet'n'greet at the Harrogate International Centre, and the fact I managed to fit in visits to the Royal Pump Room, the Valley Gardens and Bettys Tea Rooms the evening before, my only question is - do I get some kind of Harrogate visitor's prize?

(… or was that the yoyo …?)


– Donald Lickley

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