Well unless you've been living up in a bird's nest recently your surely couldn't have missed how much Twitter has been in the news recently.  Its popularity is soaring and in most of the articles I have been reading there are three main twitters, Jonathan Ross, Stephen Fry and Neil Gaiman.  What is particularly interesting about the latter two, apart from the obvious, is that they are both advocates of reading and libraries!  Surely this is a trick not to be missed.  Libraries should be able to jump on the band wagon and get some free publicity from this.  Stephen Fry's posts are so popular that when he posts a link the site he is linking too instantly crashes due to too much traffic.  I know of one follower who, after reading one of Stephen's posts about listening to Crime and Punishment, went straight out to do the same.

Would it be cheeky for libraries to post comments about their services, even if it just encourages one more person to use their local library?

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  •  :  I say go for it. If you have something relevant to say then say it. You have to join in the conversation though. Just constantly plugging the library will turn people off but interesting and insightful comments will start to get people interested. If you are not being followed for you celebrity then you have to say something useful if you want to gather other people in. On a side note. Twitter is not long for this world in my view and the sooner people move to friendfeed the better!

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