“They were good books”

I read with a mixture of amusement and horror last night the tale of Heidi Dalibor from Wisconsin, USA, who was arrested for failing to pay her library fines. The overdue paperbacks in question were “White Oleander” by Janet Fitch and “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown.  Dalibor had ignored calls and letters asking for the payment to be made and also missed a court appearance where she had intended to pay. Instead she found herself handcuffed then fingerprinted and a payment of $172 was added to the original fine of $30. Dalibor got to keep the books and said she felt enriched by the experience of reading them – “they were good books”.

Is this a story we could only find in the USA or should we all be mindful of our overdue books here in the UK lest the Boys in Blue appear on our doorsteps?

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