The Power of Conferencing

It's Friday treat time! Here's the first of our guest blogs from our AKISS competition winners. Today it's the turn of Alessandra Innocenti who came to the ASLIB Knowledge & Information Strategy Summit all the way from Munich. SHR was delighted to able to offer sponsored places at the conference and it seems our winners enjoyed themselves too!

The photo is Alessandra with fellow SHR winner Beth Mercer.

– Gemma

Beth and AlessandraAlthough I’ve visited London before, this was my first time at the prestigious British Library.  Its auditorium design made conference participants feel blended into the action swirling around us.  This theatrical setting inspired the entire conference!  After general sessions were held here, we divided into smaller groups for further discussions. I enjoyed the brainstorming to solve particular problems, especially during the Change Management Seminar.  These creative team building exercises helped us get better acquainted – an important goal in any workplace.

Our technological society offers many new ways to teach, work and communicate with others.  Rare cultural treasures are digitally preserved for future generations to help them understand the past and avoid earlier mistakes. Businesses do the same with their important files so employees can access them wherever they are, worldwide.

Today you can live far away and still train or learn via technology.  Our first contact with each other is increasingly through email, live chat, Twitter, and other forms of media – without meeting in person. Initial technological connections usually are not very deep. In London our crucial face-to -face contact with people (whom we only emailed or telephoned previously) exemplifies the true power of conferencing.

Alessandra Innocenti

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