The mug is the star!

We recently ran a competition for the most imaginative photograph of a
Sue Hill Recruitment mug and were delighted to see our mugs getting out
and about. A selection of the winning photographs is shown below. The
winners each received a bottle of our own brand champagne and one of our new
design mugs.

From Meredith Davies: SHR Mug – traveller through time and space?

Mug 1

From Fo Krabben: SHR Mug wins the WDF Europe Cup in Denmark. Go mug!
Mug 3

From Sophie Philipson: SHR Mug poses with View from the Hill. Nice lippie!

Mug 2

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  •  :  Thanks a lot for the bottle of bubbly. The photo was inspired by my husband, who won the Europe Cup darts with the Danish national team. I didn't just put some things together - it really is the shirt he played in, his medals and trophy. And the mug off course!
  •  :  Thanks Fo, that's cool. I have to admit I had wondered where the darts inspiration came from!

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