The Jobs Market

Did anyone hear in the news today that according to a recent survey conducted by The Recruitment and Employment Confederation & KPMG , "the continued labour market weakness at the start of 2009 [has been] driven by a steeply reduced demand for staff."

This may be scary news for everyone, but before the panic sets in, take a deep breath and think about what you can do to make sure this news has as little impact on yourself as possible.

Is that CV up to date and are you utalising it to the fullest.  We have some top tips for CV writing on our website.  Are you applying for the right jobs?  If you are just thinking about permenent positions, have you considered temporary roles?  Don't limit yourself but also be realistic about your skills.  I think the overall message should be don't panic but don't put your head in the sand either.  There are still jobs out there.

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