THE Great Experience of Work

I think working here at Sue Hill Recruitment was great because I just enjoyed it. The first thing I did was a time sheet and this is a shame because time is something I wish went more slowly while enjoying it here because it’s a Great place and is something that’s in my heart of experience other than sports and my family. I only wished I could have met everyone. Here the meaning of a warm welcome doesn’t get any better.

If I don’t fall into an industry that I love, working here would be great because they taught me things to a higher level such as paid annual leave. I knew about it but had no idea that you can decide the hours of your paid leave. I got taught about Tempaid (payroll software) and that’s something I had no idea about and I also learned about codes and databases. It was great here because they allowed me go at my own pace to take notes and if they were going fast they gave me time to write the notes down. There were things that I experienced like I was in a live interview and that scared me because he was nervous and seeing him like that just made me think I could be like that. But Donald being there told me there is no need and gave me a mentality that there is no need to be nervous. I was actually in a marketing meeting with the man in charge (the managing director Chris Jones) and it was great and gave me a chance to meet a few more people. I knew about CVs but I didn’t know about structure, layout and how it’s written, so now I have a CV that I hope can get me a good job. I now have experience to work in another office and this has helped me to have confidence to write a blog. I want to thank Tina, Shelley, Anne, Hamza, Donald, Suzanne, Jeremy, Gemma, and I just want to thank everyone in the Company because without your help I don’t think I would have gained anything from work experience.

-Lansana, Year 10 (City of London Academy)

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