The Changing World of Libraries and Information

I took part
in my first lively @UKlibchat yesterday evening all about change – #uklibchat
The Changing World of Libraries and Information.

recently presented a paper on change management at the Manchester Umbrella
Conference 2013, I had the pleasure of sharing the workshop with Ka-Ming Pang
who helps run @uklibchat.

It’s a
great interactive session, including tweeters from a range of different sectors
and lots of different perspectives.  The
agenda covered what changes individuals have had to face in their library
careers and how they, as well as their colleagues and users faced that change.

A number of
common themes emerged in particular around what skills Librarians need to
successfully lead change and how to keep their colleagues open-minded, positive
and motivated throughout the process. 
Communication is key, having the ability to collaborate, being an
advocate as well as celebrating success – often via plying your colleagues with
cake!  Other ideas included project
management, evaluating success and failure and the use of emotional

With all
the changes faced by libraries, we need to be clear about our value and the
hugely positive impact that libraries make to society, be passionate about the
industry and prepared to fight to keep our libraries open.    

Not only
was it a highly informative discussion it was also very educational for me.  I am not the most technical person but I quickly
managed to pick up using # in each of my Tweets and I have been introduced to TweetDeck.

A summary
will be published shortly at 

The session
is run on the first Tuesday evening of the month from 18.30 to 20.30 – why not
join in next time?  I’m off now to teach
myself how to use  TweetDeck.


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