Take Notice, or how to give notice

Notice periods in the market research world
have been changing. We have seen a move from the standard 1 month to candidates
now having to give 3 months. This has an impact not only on a candidate’s job
search but also, of course, a company’s recruitment strategy (more on this in a
future blog post).

If you are a candidate looking for a new
position it is well worth checking your contract of employment to identify your
notice period. While you’re looking at your paperwork, double check your salary
and benefits package, including pension, as prospective employers will ask.

It is surprising how many people are not
clear about how much notice they will need to give their current employer,
often overlooking it during the initial euphoria of signing the contract when
offered the job.

Negotiating a shorter notice period is not
uncommon but may depend on several factors – your relationship with management,
how business critical your position is and how easy you might be to replace.
There can also be the tricky situation of going to work for a competitor where
there are compete clauses and restrictions in place to help protect a company’s
business interests.

It’s also possible to use any accrued annual
leave as well, as happened to one of our candidates recently when they were
asked to start in under four weeks. There may be a number of reasons why you
are handing your notice but never hand your notice in until you have written
confirmation of an offer. Always remember to be professional and leave on
amicable terms.

– Ryan

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