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This Spring, fresh inquests have opened into the deaths of the 96 football fans who lost their lives in the 1989 Hillsborough Stadium Disaster. All of the Hillsborough disaster victims were Liverpool supporters watching their team play Nottingham Forest at Sheffield Wednesday's ground on 15 April 1989. The original inquests in March 1991 recorded verdicts of accidental death, which stood for more than 20 years before they were quashed.

Bookings for the first TFPL Connect event of 2014 on 3 June at the Crowne Plaza in Blackfriars, London, are now being taken and the speaker will be Jan Parry, who worked closely with the Hillsborough Independent Panel. This year’s TFPL Connect theme is data privacy and protection.

Jan will talk about the work she was involved in and the challenges that surrounded the sharing of information for the public good. The Hillsborough Disaster remains the most serious tragedy in UK sporting history. The Panel’s work presented multiple challenges in information management, from the emotional implications and repercussions of the evidence, to the practical preservation issues of digitising ageing paper records. The Panel’s report encompasses recommendations for better RM practices by the Police and Coroners.

Jan worked for much of her career in the Civil Service, first as an employment advisor and then later in government libraries  After managing two libraries she went to work directly for Government Ministers.  She has since worked on various projects and programmes including Home Office Reform, the Tackling Gangs programme, and evolving the Home Office Library to an Information Centre.

In 2009 Jan was asked to be part of the Secretariat to the Hillsborough Independent Panel. Her responsibilities included locating all the bereaved families of the 96 men, women and children who died at the Disaster, and planning the final Panel disclosure at Liverpool Cathedral. The results of the Panel's work proved the value of keeping information and showed how it can be used to discover the truth.

In her reflection on the work she did she says, “My original reason for working in the Librarianship and Information world was because it combined information work with helping people. Working for the Hillsborough Independent Panel I have used many of the skills learned in my career and it is probably the best job I have ever done.”

Jan was awarded Honorary Fellowship of CILIP last year in recognition of her work with the Panel, and on receiving her award in Birmingham she spoke very movingly about her work.

On 3 June we will listen to Jan’s evocative account of her work and then open up the discussion on data privacy and protection, to be continued after the close of formal proceedings with the more informal networking and refreshments.

If ever you need reassurance that your own work can make a real difference, this is someone from whom to take your lead.

– Suzanne

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Tuesday 3 June – from 6pm

Crowne Plaza, Blackfriars

TFPL Connect is a learning network for people who recognise that knowledge, information and records management – and their integration – are crucial to the success of organisations. We welcome those who have a demonstrable interest in knowledge and information management and who wish to interact with like-minded individuals. 

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