Summer in the City and our tree – ten years on.

ITree was reflecting this morning on the beauty of trees in the city and the benefits they provide to all.  It is so evident in summer.  My mind went back to 2003 when we planted a tree in nearby Union St (Borough High St had no space due to narrow footpaths and too many pipes underground).  Trees for London, now Trees for Cities, was the charity we chose and we duly convened one March morning in 2003 to wield the necessary spade.  Gosh was my hair really so red?

We were lucky enough to have a candidate registered who was the UK Haiku Slam Champion at the time who wrote a beautiful haiku which was attached to the tree on a plaque. 

Sadly the plaque went the way of the vandals so I will repeat it here:

    Tree promising joy    sanctuary for city birds    solace for workersHaiku

We endured three replantings as clearly said vandals did not value the benefits of a tree in the same way we did but Trees For London doggedly replaced the vandalised tree each time and also added a second.

Now 10 years on the two ginkgo biloba trees are flourishing and everyone is able to enjoy and share them on a daily basis as they wander along Union Street enroute to or from work.
– Sue


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