Summer Holidays

We are just about to step in to the eighth month of the year. Where has 2013 gone? Let's not concern ourselves with the passing of time but instead with our summer holidays. Whether you are staycationing or jetting/training/driving to warmer climes, it's a time for relaxing and re-energising. It might be longed-for time with the family, catching up with friends, spending valuable time sorting out things at home or simply exploring new places. It's your time. For you.

A piece on LinkedIn today discusses dropping limits on vacation leave. It's written from an American employment angle but it raises some interesting points. Point three resonates: "Keep employees engaged and productive. Allowing
your employees to take time off when they need it most encourages a more
productive work environment. Instead of working when their minds are
elsewhere, they’ll be able to give you their full attention." Can you encourage annual leave? You can certainly encourage people to make the most of their time outside the office…

*Prepare for a "broken record" moment*

…including lunchtime walks. It does you good to escape the air-conditioning for a short while and stretching the legs with a walk round the block is a nice little bit of free exercise.

And while you're sitting in the park at lunchtime or on the beach on holiday, why not take a few minutes to consider this. It takes me back to the late 90s and my love of Ally McBeal, where they had their own motivation songs. They also did dance routines in the bathroom with a make-believe dancing baby, so maybe we'll leave that memory alone for now.

Ultimately, holiday is time away from the office. By switching off when you leave, you make yourself more productive when you return.

Remember what Sir Cliff said…

"We're all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday, no more worries for me or you,
for a week or two."

Happy holidays!

– Suzanne

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  •  :  Thanks Suzanne, That definitely brought back the memories - I used to love Ally McBeal and whenever I hear Barry White playing it reminds me of this! I certainly need to make the most of my time outside the office as I often spend most of it catching up with various pieces of committee work. Thanks for the reminder.

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