Keep on running

There's something in the air at SHR Towers. A couple of weeks ago our Gemma threw herself off the top of a tall building (attached to secure ropes and a nice chap from Mile End Climbing) in the name of charity. Last Sunday I took part in Run to the Beat, a half marathon starting and finishing in the beautiful Greenwich Park. It wasn't my first long race but it was the first in some years.

I only signed up to do this seven weeks beforehand so I'd been training hard but also having doubts about whether or not I could do it. Add in a difficult couple of weeks leading up to the event and I'm sure you could understand the nerves. But once I started running, those fears and worries disappeared. Magnus Magnusson was right when he said "I've started, so I'll finish". Once you've committed to something like this, you may as well put everything into it, right? So I started running and tried very hard not to stop, spurred on by a helpful little mantra given to me recently.

What motivates us to keep going when we'd really quite like to stop? It can be scary, pushing yourself so hard, even if you've done it before. Fear of failure or of letting people down can be quite common. Sometimes we want to prove we can do something, achieve something, maybe even prove people wrong. Or maybe it's about self-development and improvement. I certainly learned that I have the strength to keep going.

On the day, I didn't want to let myself down. Or my wonderful sponsors. And I didn't. A personal best and money raised for Eaves, a London-based charity that provides support to vulnerable women who have experienced violence.

Perhaps we really should just start running and see where we end up.

– Suzanne



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