Something for the Weekend…

R9267_lgI am hoping that you all had an enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 
If you are easily offended you may wish to stop reading now, as we spent our Bank Holiday throwing knobs!

Yes you did read that correctly.  Sunday saw the sixth annual Dorset Knob Throwing Festival in the village of Cattistock.  I have only recently discovered that Dorset Knobs are a small savoury biscuit which have been baked by The Moores family in Morcombelake Dorset since before 1860.

Each May Bank Holiday the village hosts a fantastic food fair and festival with the emphasis being on knobs.  The knob throwing competition in particular is taken very seriously by a handful of participants who compete to win the title of Knob Throwing Champ!

The Rules:
1. 3 Dorset knobs per go, furthest knob thrown is measured
2. Use only Dorset Knobs provided
3. Standing throw from marked standing point
4. Underarm throwing only
5. One foot must remain on the ground during throwing
6. Distance of the furthest knob only measured within the designated throwing zone, which is 5 metres wide x 32 metres long, marked in 2 metre zones, with use of measure in between marks to determine distance thrown
7. Dorset Knob measured at final resting place
8. If Dorset Knob breaks upon landing it will be the umpire’s decision of the final resting place.

The umpire was quick to point out that I cheated on my second throw by using an over arm action but he need not have worried given the poor distance the knob travelled anyway.  We giggled and dodged quite a few flying knobs and struggled to control our dog Alfie who was a little over excited and eager to eat pretty much all of the biscuits.

If you didn’t fancy throwing a knob then you could also take part in guessing the weight of the big knob, the knob and spoon race, paint your knob and the knob eating competition.  Funnily enough I couldn’t persuade my husband to give the latter one a try. 

We had such a fun day, enjoyed much Dorset Cyder and the proceeds raised on the day are invested back into the local community. Highly recommended if you are ever in Dorset in May.

– Keri

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