SLA Europe’s 60 in 60

Last night I was one of the lucky ones who managed to
secure a place at the SLA Europe (@SLAeurope) event 60 apps and sites in 60
minutes – a popular event I think because a) everyone loves a bit of geekery
(don’t they?) and b) the internet and the app store are vast and cavernous
places containing a large number of very useful and very interesting things and
an even greater number of very useless and very uninteresting things and often
you’ll have to wade through an awful lot of the latter before you find the
former. Sometimes it’s nice to have a guide and we were admirably chaperoned
around by Simon Barron (@SimonXIX) and Anneli Sarkanen (@LibrarianNelly).

I won’t give you the full run down – no doubt that
will be shared in due course – but suffice it to say that this is knowledge
sharing at its nicest, genuinely useful hints and tips. I was particularly
delighted to learn of the existence of AirDroid (wirelessly connects your
android phone to your computer), as any attempts on my part to connect said
phone to said machine are usually preceded by a 20min game of ‘hunt the cable’
– occasionally incorporating a few rounds of ‘that’s the wrong cable’ and ‘I
don’t know what this one’s for anymore’.

In the spirit of sharing I’ll leave you with one we’re
enjoying at the moment – Zemanta is a handy plug in for blogs that suggests
links, tags and images (available under Creative Commons licences) that you can
add in with a click. Time saving and very useful.

Thank you to SLA Europe events, Simon and Anneli for
an entertaining and informative evening.

– Gemma

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