SHR work experience student becomes published author

Still to this day I am known as the girl that Sue Hill picked up off the street and after that fateful day I started at Sue Hill Towers the following Monday. On starting I was greeted with two people who were doing their work experience which made the daunting task of being the new girl that bit easier and more enjoyable to have people in the same place as you. Since then we have kept in contact and one of us has recently had some very exciting news.

While here doing her school work experience Hawa Mansaray was also finishing off a children’s book she had written and illustrated – The Tale of Frankie Fox and Terry Toad. Sue was very impressed with the book and made a point to show it to the whole team and asked for a copy.

Now two years later, during her first year of university, after a lot of hard work and a desire to become an author Hawa has done it. Her children’s book has been published and she is now officially an Author. I am excited to say that I have been invited to and will be attending the book launch on Monday 30th June. I will have a full report of the event on my return and hopefully a couple of copies of the books, signed of course.

-          Shelley

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