SHR and TFPL go Cirque Berserk

For the annual SHR New Year outing we chose to see a show called Cirque Berserk and with some of our new house mates from TFPL we took our 18-strong group and headed off to Hackney Empire. There has never really been a show that has lived up to its name quite like this one! From clowns to knife throwers, contortionists to motorcyclists the show has more than just the unexpected.

Cirque Berserk is great for all ages as it has that magic ability that only a circus has of turning adults into children as their jaws drop at the sight a man being flung feet into the air from a see-saw and landing on a chair. There were moments of high risk and danger where you wanted to look but just couldn’t! We were also treated to the highly skilled and dangerous motorcycle Globe of Death with up to 3 motorcycles in the Globe at once.

At the end of the show we found our hands were sore from the constant desire to applaud. A great show and a fun way to start the new year. 

– Shelley

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