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Here at SHR we are often asked by candidates about the possibility of finding an organisation who is willing to offer two candidates a job share. There are a multitude of reasons why people may be looking for part time work and we regularly meet people with a host of impressive and variable skills who are looking to cut back their hours.  But are there enough part time roles to go around?

Some progressive employers are willing to look beyond the obvious and hire two part time workers to make up a full time job share position.  Earlier this year one of our Public Library clients came to us with a full time Archives position and when we suggested that a job share might work, the manager was very open to the idea and saw the benefits that could be offered by two people with different skills and experience to draw on.

A job share may not work in all cases but my advice to anybody looking for part time work would be, use those networking skills and knowledge of your industry to find yourself a likeminded job share partner.  Together you can make joint applications for jobs and demonstrate to employers all the positives that a dual approach could bring to a role.  Like they say two heads is better than one.

Does anyone else have any advice on this?

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  •  :  I agree that it is best to find a partner first then apply jointly. Recruiting managers will want to know how the full time hours will be covered. You may even suggest how the duties will be allocated, any crossover time and your communications strategy between you and any staff that you manage. Admittedly, there are appear to be fewer senior management job share opportunities.

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