See, Libraries are cool

I don't know if anyone saw Gwen Stefani in the papers recently, but she has taken her new born, Zuma, to get his very first library card.  Bless.  That's what we like to see, start them off young.

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  •  :  I presume he'll be chewing the books rather than reading them at this stage, but ten out of ten for enthusiasm!
  •  :  I'm with Lou on this. Anything that gets children interested in books is a good thing. I found another Hollywood person making use of their local library - My nieces and nephew love going to the library. I think they've chewed a fair few books between them!
  •  :  That's a great piece of work by Gwen. My friend's children take three books a night to bed with them but haven't investigated libraries yet. Be nice if there could be a toy library too for kids so they could recycle cheaply when they lose interest, as they always do.
  •  :  Toy Libraries do exist. Some authorities have them as part of the usual library. In other parts of the country they are separate organisations. For example if you happen to live in North Yorkshire you can visit here for more information :)

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