Risk, collaboration and responsibility at the breakfast table

Converging services
and offerings was a theme at today's networking breakfast. Records management merged with
the information team allowed them to lead by example, for instance with email
and document management – encouraging sending links not documents, thus cutting
down on multiple versions in several locations. Are we moving towards
information, communications and marketing coming together, along with IT?
Perhaps if we are all pushing the same message it makes sense to collaborate,
presenting a united and driving force? Depends very much on the sector – what
will be effective in one area will be unworkable in another. But it is always
important to make sure the content is the focus.

Closer collaboration
between business services was another exploration this morning, for example HR,
Learning & Development and knowledge management being examples of some
departments with synergies. Finding commonalities could bring real benefit to
the business. Shouldn't more organisations be doing this? It raised the question
of where should the solo information professional sit? It can be difficult to
align yourself in some organisations and you can run the risk of having either
no masters or too many!

talked about the power and style of top-end management, at CEO level, how it can
make all the difference if they have the right attitude and understand the
culture of their new organisation and staff. It may take some time to move
things along but having buy-in from the start by engaging your staff, talking to
them and, crucially, listening is a good foundation. How much power do we actually
have? "You can make a nuisance of yourself, put yourself about, seek to
influence the decisions that are made." For example, you may not be involved in
the decision-making process of implementing a particularly system but you can
explain the risk and make people own their actions.
We finished on a positive note, looking forward to the
year ahead, hoping for stimulating work, to find a way through appraisals &
budgets and to collaborate for the greater good of the profession. And, as always, the food and coffee at Roast were as
delicious as the
– Suzanne and Donald