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Are you tired of reading and hearing about the economic doom and gloom that will get worse? I know we cannot brush it aside but by making small changes to our every day spending it means we can spend on shoes, coats, dresses- yes I know this sounds crazy! Putting yourself out there in the job market requires not only a CV to be polished, attractive and with good content but how we present ourselves is key. It may be surprising to some, to others not, but employers do want to see well presented candidates. That does not mean designer this, designer that, but someone who has taken care of their personal appearance from clean clothes to polished shoes shows that there is a pride and care taken in presentation. If you were lucky enough to get some ££ as gifts, check out the really good sales around. Replace those worn out shoes if you can and as many magazines and TV programmes are suggesting 'negotiate' a price. This really does work if the item you are after is still sitting in a shop- make an offer. Spruce up your CVs and spruce up yourself…because you're worth it.

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  •  :  I agree wholeheartedly with this. As a recruiter little is more annoying than a candidate who professes to be interested in a role but apparently not interested enough to brush their hair/iron their shirt etc! Smart, clean and presentable seem obvious enough but given the surprising number of candidates who don't manage it will make all the difference.
  •  :  I would like to say how much I agree with Sue's comments. As someone who has been responsible for employing staff (and interviewing lots of people as a consequence) there is nothing more disconcerting that having the picture of the person that has been built up in your mind from the application form or CV blown out of the water by the actual person that turns up for interview. CVs are full of comments about professional attitude and attention to detail – then someone turns up for interview who hasn’t bothered to clean their shoes. It encourages the interviewer to question other assertions made in the CV. An interview is a place for you to market yourself. In marketing terms a product not living up to the picture built by the marketing strategy creates a tension between perception and reality and encourages consumers to question the truth about the item being marketed. In your CV you tell the interview panel that they are going to meet someone who exhibits a set of criteria – if what they see before them does not live up to the expectation you have built they will question what else on the CV is inaccurate (perception and reality). I also know from the work I do now in training and personal development that in the current climate you will need an edge because there will be more competition. You will want to be remembered for the right reasons – not the wrong (will I ever forget the candidate with the dirty white handbag? No!). As Sue said looking smart and presentable does not need to be expensive; and preparing what you are going to wear for interview is as important as doing your research about the company or preparing your presentation.

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