Recruitment and Redundancy

From time to time we have provided workshops at organisations to support staff in the recruitment process. At one such event 3 consultants lead a workshop for staff under threat of redundancy, giving advice and guidance on how to apply for newly created internal and, if necessary, external roles.

It was interesting to hear how different staff reacted to this stressful situation. Some saw it as a time to take stock and revaluate their career while others were pessimistic about their prospects. Delegates were particularly concerned about applying for internal roles. Would the interviews be a waste of time and the results pre-determined? Can the interview ever be objective when you are known and people already have a certain opinion of you? It’s always very difficult to be interviewed by people you know especially when you are in competition with your friends. Embarrassment at selling yourself to colleagues, a fear of failing and then having to face people and the worry of being responsible for your colleagues being out of work all play a part. It came to light that in this situation a “burying your head in the sand” approach was preferred.

As recruiters we see how much lack of preparation affects the outcome of interviews and how having a positive attitude can win the day. But are results of any interview, especially internal pre-decided? Can a highly regulated interview process and the use of competency/behavioural interviews eliminate these issues?  From our experience it seems that it is in your power to affect the outcome of any interview by being prepared, positive and remembering it’s not over until the fat lady sings!

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