Recognising the potential for people without experience

It’s a decision many employers face in shortlisting and interviewing but how many are willing to take a chance on the candidate with less experience?

Recently two of our clients in the legal sector have recognised the potential in candidates who have great drive and aptitude but no concrete legal experience on their CVs. Of course the candidates in question had really done their homework and researched and investigated the companies, thus making a great impression at interview. But even still, is it a risky decision to pin your hopes on someone who hasn’t proved themselves in the workplace?

Laura and I wrote about this in a recent SHR newsletter, urging employers (particularly in the legal sector) to be creative about skills and experience gained outside the LIS workplace. We’re delighted to see this is happening! It surely makes for a richer and more varied working environment and could produce some real stars in our industry. Would you give someone that lucky break?

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  •  :  I believe that I am one of the clients mentioned by Suzanne in her Blog entry, and thoroughly agree with her call to arms for legal sector employers! Relevant experience, although obviously welcome, is not necessarily the be all and end all - particularly if a candidate shows real enthusiasm and determination to succeed. I believe these attributes to be worth a great deal. My inexperienced new recruit is already proving to be a great asset to my department, and, with the right training and experience learnt 'on the job' will be a real star of the future I am sure!
  •  :  Yet another forward thinking law firm is leading the way on the war on talent by recognising the potential of a newly qualified librarian with no previous experience within the legal field. This firm have instead chosen to focus on the new employee's commercial awareness, confident attitude and bags of transferable skills, knowing that the experience is something which can be provided through a well planned training programme. Kudos to another wise firm making another wise choice.

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