Preparing for interviews

Now that we've got January out of the way (dry for some of you, distinctly rainy for others), you may be preparing for interviews for those jobs you applied for last month. A couple of useful links popped into my Twitter feed this morning on just that subject, both courtesy of the very handy Guardian Professional and Guardian Careers sites. 

First of all, a particular favourite of mine – body language, specifically eye contact, posture and confidence. Getting the basics of eye contact and posture right will give you a positive stance from which you can then talk with more confidence than if you are slouching and looking at the floor. I'll add to this that good posture will enable you to breathe properly. This in turn again gives you the strength to overcome nerves and speak with clarity and enthusiasm. 

The second article talks about Skype interviews. We regularly conduct Skype interviews and it is becoming increasingly common for candidate/client interviews as well. The most important message? Treat it as a formal interview, as if you were in the same room as your interviewer. Definitely have a practice run, at least one day before. It's a great tool…when it works. Dealing with technical problems can also give you the opportunity to show how employable you are – communicate clearly and in a timely fashion, suggest a possible solution if you can and, above all, be calm.

Technology is changing how we work and employers will want to see how adaptable you are. Preparation is vital in order to create a good impression. I rather like the quotation from the piece on body language, so I'll end with it.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken" – Oscar Wilde.

– Suzanne

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