Palin – Censor or Naughty Librarian?

I did a Google News search on the word Librarian this morning and it popped up alongside the words “Sarah Palin” twice – with two very different stories. (I’ll also add that every time I see the name Palin, I think of Michael – you wouldn’t think they’re easy to confuse, but I’m finding it difficult!)

The first, in the Boston Herald, refers to an incident in Alaska when Palin was Mayor and reports suggest Palin asked a Librarian if she would be ok with censoring books. The Librarian was not happy to do so. A few months later she was asked to resign but a wave of public opinion kept her in post. The censorship issue was not reported to have been the reason for the dismissal. What price freedom of speech?

The second, from the Scotsman, describes Palin thus:

“She pressed all my policy buttons and she has the looks of a naughty librarian – which, even fully-clothed, is sexier than any naked page three girl.” Is he saying that the “naughty librarian” look should be a staple feature of the red-tops?

I think both stories touch many buttons and will alarm readers for different reasons. My issue is mostly with the censorship, but I’m not crazy about the Page 3 girl comparison either!

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  •  :  Interesting the sterotypes that we librarians have to face. A naughty librarian, fully clothed as sexy! The Evening Standard this week had a small piece on Monsieur Sarkozy's wife. It was suggested that Carla should stop wearing her little grey shift dress and black patent pumps as she was becoming like a librarian in her appearance. I sniff jealousy here - she has French chic off pat- and I for one would be a happy librarian if I could a) afford those little grey shifts and b) more importantly fit into one!! Which other women on the global political scene are set to join our gang?
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  •  :  Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.
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  •  :  It is quite surprizing that people has such assumptions about the lady librarian. No body has rights in independent country to speech or communicate which may be consider objectionable to the general body.We should always oppose to these types of misbehaves.

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