Obama – a powerful library champion?

In all the hype surrounding Barack Obama's inauguration last week, not a great deal was said about his stance on libraries.  In case you were wondering, a press release from the MLA highlights him as someone who shares their drive and enthusiasm for public libraries. So the man elected to the most powerful office in the world is behind libraries and librarians – which is nice.

In a key speech at a library conference in his home city of Chicago in 2005, Obama described librarians as guardians of truth and knowledge and thanked them for their role as champions of privacy, literacy, independent thinking, and most of all reading.

“I want to work with you to ensure that libraries continue to be sanctuaries of learning, where we are free to read and consider what we please without the fear that Big Brother may be peering over our shoulders to find out what we’re up to,” he said.

Full text of Obama's library speech.

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  •  :  You bring to light some of Barak Obama's thoughts on the impact of libraries and librarians on our culture, and our never-ending quest for knowledge. During a speech at a library conference in 2005, he also said, "...libraries remind us that truth isn’t about who yells the loudest, but who has the right information." And isn't that the truth. At Inmagic, we second that notion. It's good to know our new president not only recognizes, but stands behind the role our libraries play in society. Obama described librarians as guardians of truth and knowledge, and we hope to provide these guardians with the tools to do so. Carolyn MacNeill <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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