New year, new job?

As we are rapidly approaching Christmas and the New Year (eek!) some of us are starting to think about the year ahead and all the changes we want to make for a better, successful 2015. For some of us that might be getting into shape, sticking to a healthy eating plan, seeing our families more, and for a lot of people it's finding that new perfect job. 

But why wait until the New Year to start the process? Although the upcoming holiday period can be slow that doesn't mean companies aren't hiring, or won't be looking to hire in the New Year. So how can you make the most of the end of the year to ensure you can be set for a new role in 2015?  

1) Probably the most important start… Update your CV. For inspiration have a look at our top 10 CV tips.

2) Research- Take some time to think about and look into the type of role you want to move into, it'll help narrow your job search and save you time trawling through job sites. You can also take the time to research the companies you want to work for. You never know, you might find a role available now that you can send your shiny new CV off too!

3) Network- Everyone loves an excuse for a Christmas drink right? Around the festive period there so many events going on with various networking groups so go along, meet people in your industry and keep up to date with industry news! 

So don't wait around for 2015 to sneak up on you, get started now!


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