My Two Weeks Work Experience

The idea I had of working in an office for two weeks (truthfully) sounded completely tedious but halfway through my first day at Sue Hill Recruitment my ideas began to change. The calm, interesting and enjoyable atmosphere made my time at work experience fly by. Everyone working in the offices broke the stereotype of the deadline driven, Starbucks drinking office worker. Instead everyone had an approachable, relaxed attitude making you feel right at home. After an interesting introduction about Sue Hill Recruitment and what they do it was down to work.

Throughout the first week I learnt so many new skills e.g. learning to using Profile (a computer programme I had never come across before). But also I was able to incorporate skills I have already learnt making me see the importance of combining work experience and school.  A few of my tasks included: checking and entering timesheets into Profile, uploading clients multimedia details (certificates ETC) into their profiles and learning the correct way of opening a letter (something I never even knew existed which I finally mastered only on the last day).  By the second week I had a good understanding of the tasks I was going to be given and how to carry them out.

During my time there I sat down with various people who work at the recruitment agency and took a glimpse into their working lives. While taking in all the new information I got to realise how many different people make a company work whether it be market research, dealing with social media or interviewing new clients, every aspect of the company makes it run smoothly.

Not only was I working and helping Sue Hill Recruitment they also helped me. I was given career advice, crash course into writing the perfect CV and a full understanding of working life and how truly different it is to waking up and knowing what exactly I was going to do that day at school.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Sue Hill Recruitment and am entirely grateful for everyone who helped me and taught me over the past two weeks. Thank You!

-          Jessie Connolly Year 10 St Michael’s Catholic College

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