My time at Sue Hill Recruitment

I chose to work at Sue Hill Recruitment for two weeks as my work experience to get a idea of what the real world of work is like. I found this experience to be challenging yet fulfilling, it's been a varied two weeks for me, filing things and shadowing the consultants and the admin staff and sitting in on meetings. I viewed a credit crunch lunch session on writing a winning CV, which I found personally to be very useful because it cleared up my ideas on how to write a C.V.

Sue Hill Recruitment has given me a new opinion on offices. It has led me to believe that offices are friendly environments. I thought it might be quite boring but working at Sue Hill made me realise it was more lively than I would have thought at first.

Posted by Guest Author Mairtin McGarvey of St Thomas the Apostle College, Nunhead.

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  •  :  I think the whole team found it a great experience having Mairtin come along for 2 weeks. As well as practical work, he shadowed lots of us and also sat in on meetings. He is the 5th or th work experience person we have had over the years, and although we need to put ourselves out a little the reward is much greater than the effort. Team members can learn supervisory and training skills, we deploy our induction programme and can test it (particuly with regard to H&S) and generally just enjoy having a different person in the office with a different view. As a business owner and manager I thoroughly recommend taking on work experience students. Sue

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