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I recently attended a training day regarding Museums and the structure of the work force within.  What I found particually interesting was how closely related to libraries museums can be yet there is some sort of invisible force which keeps them apart.  They seem so familar yet so divided.  Having worked in Public Libraries myself and on many occasion worked closely with museums on various events, I have always put the two together.  Whilst I do appreciate the different disciplines and skills required to work in these 2 fields surely there needs to be more synergy and partnership working in order to bring us all together.  Or is that just a romantic view?

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  •  :  Do you think that because the MLA covers both, this is likely to bring the two closer together?
  •  :  I work in public Libraries in London and we're lucky to have lots of 'national quality' museums and galleries on our patch. Many of them worked with us during the Summer Reading Challenge- they tend to have community outreach teams, or education officers, and these lovely people came out and put on events in libraries. I guess this is an example of wherethe objectives of museums and libraries overlap (and is no doubt the sort of thing you're talking about having done in the past). However our objectives may clash too- are we all competing for the same, busy audience? We need to work out how to get users to visit a museum AND a library (and perhaps one BECAUSE OF the other) rather than sharing their visiting time between the two...

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