Mass Observation 2014 – get involved!

Monday 12 May will, most likely, be a regular Monday. It’ll probably rain. And I reckon your train will be delayed, too, because that’s what Mondays are all about. Perhaps you’ll spend the evening catching up on last week’s TV and maybe sort out a few household bills.

But what is ordinary to you may well be fascinating to people in the future. Will your job exist in ten, twenty or fifty years? Will your methods hold the key to a ground-breaking discovery? How will your organisation develop as a result of your work on 12 May? What effect will your actions have on your community? How will transport and the daily commute change?

This year I’m going to take part in Mass Observation Day for the Mass Observation Archive, stored in the delightfully name location The Keep. By recording what is ordinary to us we can help the Archive “capture the everyday lives of people across the UK.”

I have a feeling my Monday will be unremarkable. But there is often beauty in simplicity.

– Suzanne

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