Manage à trois

With all the inevitable hurdles that job hunting brings, I must ask why it is necessary to place another in the path. I speak of the Managed Service Company (MSC).  We are seeing more and more organisations take the jump from directly managed recruiting to the MSC, for a one-size-fits-all style at the expense of service quality.

One MSC states ‘We buy recruitment services, then manage the service providers, streamlining the engagement process through the smart application of people, process and technology.’  I agree with this statement wholeheartedly … but only up to the word ‘services’.  Most MSC’s ‘streamlining’ processes turn good agencies into glorified CV funnelling machines.

I have spoken with enough dissatisfied line managers frustrated by the additional hoops they have had to jump through and I have spent enough time on hold waiting for MSC call centre staff to tell me they can’t help, to know there is no ‘smart application of people, process and technology’.

Today I read a memo from one of the MSCs we work with emphasising the need for CVs to be submitted within four hours of a vacancy being released.  Would it not be better to look a little bit harder and longer to find the right people who can and want to do the job rather than contacting the first name that comes to mind in order to meet targets?  The irony is that we have been trying for six weeks to obtain CV feedback from this particular MSC on an apparently urgent role.

Why should a recruiting manager not be allowed to pick up the phone and tell a recruitment agency what they are looking for?  How long will it be before all the information a MSC gives agencies about a job is a job title and we are left to guess the rest?


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