Making The Most of Social Media – Job Searching On Linked In

Research announced recently reveals that the UK workforce are confused about how to get ahead in a weak economy and land that dream job or promotion.

As more and more companies, as well as recruitment agencies plan to invest in recruiting via social media and reduce spending on traditional job boards, it is essential to today’s job seekers to pull out all the stops and to develop a visible profile on social media.

Historically LinkedIn is the most professionally focused social network, so setting up a full profile there is essential. As per a CV, it’s critical to include work experience that is relevant to the job you’re seeking, as well as a list of core skills and professional recommendations.

Top Tips

Focus on you – Take time on social media to reflect on your current career status and more importantly, your career aspirations.

Build your network: building and maintaining relationships is a major component of a successful career. Maintain relationships by recommending and congratulating others in their careers – everyone enjoys being recognized

Develop a keyword rich, complete profile – Companies and agencies actively search for candidates among LinkedIn members by searching on keywords for people with the required qualifications listed in their LinkedIn profile.

Share your contact information so others can easily contact you whether you are actively or passively job or employee searching.

Request recommendations from your networks as credibility is critical Document achievements and wins on LinkedIn to stay current and relevant

Update your status and make sure your profile and photos are current

Expand on your thought leadership; lead a forum or LinkedIn group; publish an article; start a blog or speak publicly

Research – Make an effort to get to know more about your colleagues or partners and competitors – LinkedIn is a great place to start

Don’t forget that you can network and contribute to the Sue Hill Recruitment Network on LinkedIn. We have an active 'Job Board', as well as lively discussion, industry news and links to our blog.

Twitter tips next time …