Love in the archives

Yes, I admit it. I'm the "colleague" to whom Fiona referred in her blog post about snow day and the comment I made about the boat journey being romantic.

By the same token, I didn't feel I could let February 14th go by without a mention. And thanks to Assistant Archivist Dr Katrina Legg and her archives colleagues at Swansea University we have a 100-year old love letter to mark the day. The letter was written by William Weightman and features a code akin to text message writing. For example, the letter “W” followed by a picture of a hen is used to stand for “when” and “H” followed by “8” for “hate”. University Archivist Elisabeth Bennett discovered the letter in a society meeting book and had much fun trying to decipher the code.

Another literary love tome, the book "Love Letters of Great Men", which featured in the recent "Sex and the City" film has enjoyed great commercial success in the bookshops. I wonder if it features highly in library borrowing statistics this month. Maybe I'm just too much of a romantic at heart…

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